true Measure of Scoeity

Startup & a culture of giving

We invest in startups that make a difference to the lives of ordinary people.

Personal enrichment cannot be the only goal and mission of a startup founder.

The goal and mission must be to empower and enrich society and bring prosperity to many.  Entrepreneurship is giving.

Technology startups have that power of disrupting monopolies and concentrations of power and wealth. Only startups can create a fair and equal economic system in which all can prosper irrespective of their ethnicity, nationality, gender or race.

By being true to itself, a startup can silently serve the aspirations of many.  

A great startup can only be built on essential foundations of equality, dignity, diversity and compassion.

A startup must give and keep giving to society.

To us the measure of a true leader and entrepreneur is not what he is willing to take, but what he is willing to give to society.

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