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Start Up is a daily marathon for years

A marathon is 42.195 km and a a startup is like running that marathon everyday. It takes hard work and determination.It takes discipline. It takes supreme belief in yourself. It takes courage.

Startup founders and team need traits of marathon runners . A blog by ABP describes these traits.

1) Focused – Those who are focused won’t let anything stand in between themselves and their end goal. Signing up for a marathon is one thing, but focused runners have specific aims and goals. For them, it’s not just the taking part that counts.

2) Inspiring – Inspiration comes in many forms. From Martin Luther King to doctors and nurses to this year’s set of ABP Newport Wales Marathon & 10K runners. Running a marathon for personal reasons is great, but running for a charity to support others is particularly inspiring.

3) Resilient – Marathon runners almost always come across hurdles, be it injuries or unexpected illness throughout their training. Resilient people are a special breed who run through the burst blisters, shin splints and pains. They keep their head up and do anything to get to the finish line.

4) Motivated – Many of our runners this year will have signed up to achieve a personal best or keep their New Year’s resolutions in check. For this type of person, the motivation is simple in their head: keep fit for 2018, complete the marathon or beat their personal best on a flat and fast course.

5) Social – Imagine the atmosphere for Newport’s first full marathon. It’s going to be a special event and one that many Newport residents want to get involved in. You often see marathon runners congregating at the finish line talking about their experience and stories – we hope to see more of that this year!

6) Prepared – A marathon requires intricate planning and preparation. It’s not the type of event where you can just show up and run. Most runners follow a strict diet and running schedule, knowing that when they turn up they will be in prime condition ready to race.

7) Brave – They might not know it, but marathon runners are the bravest personalities. A marathon is one of the toughest challenges a human can put themselves through, so each runner should be celebrated for their huge efforts.

As a Startup founder you need to be relentless and resilient.

Are you able to get up after a fall? Are you relentless in pursuit of your goals? A startup entrepreneur needs a marathon runners spirit.

A marathon runner will never give up

If you have that resilience and determination in your character then it is not relevant what you look like and what your ethnicity or background are.

The laws of universe favour only the most determined and resilient.

Jayanthi Kumar, Marathon Runner

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